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Experience one-stop multimodal transportation linked Rail service. We provide inland rail transportation services via our extensive networks around the world.
In addition, we provide a higher level of service at competitive prices and services based on expertise accumulated over a decade.
Types of Service
  • TSR / TMR
    • - One-stop integrated service for Trans-Siberian railways in Russia, CIS, and Europe
    • - Fast and convenient service with customs clearance license and EDI computerized customs clearance
  • TCR / TMGR
    • One-stop integrated service via Trans-China railroads throughout Central Asia, China inland areas, Mongolia, etc.

It refers to a multimodal transportation route that transports from East Asia to the Pacific coast of the United States by ocean, then to the east coast of the United States or to a port in the Gulf of Mexico via railroads, and then to the final destination by ocean. In international trade, it is one of the land bridges that utilizes railroads or land as a bridge connecting ocean and ocean. The name “mini” land bridge was given because land bridges usually go through several countries on land but this goes through only one country.

It is used as an alternative because it is difficult to pass through the Panama Canal due to increasing tolls and the narrow canal locks. Transportation of cargo to destinations in inland areas via the entire US railroad and road networks on this route is called micro land bridge or interior point intermodal (IPI).