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As a leader in innovation and overcoming challenges,
J2K GLOBAL strives to be a top company globally.

J2K GLOBAL has been making efforts to build a system and secure manpower that satisfies customer
requirements through accumulated knowledge from handling various cargoes such as chemicals, machinery,
and food for major companies and EPC plant projects and we are confident and ready to meet the needs of our customers.
We will endeavor to become a company that grows with our customers by reducing
logistics costs as well as safely and rapidly transporting customers' valuable cargo.

  • OFFICE Busan Headquarters
    Seoul Branch
  • SALES 260억 원
  • ACCOUNT 467
  • 물동량 Export 29,156 TEU
    Import 16,264 TEU

Core competency

Empowering EmployeesJ2K GLOBAL administers in-company job training in addition to training by logistics associations and provides all necessary training for enhancing employee competency such as language proficiency.

Global NeworksWe have established a global network by acquiring AOP & WLA Membership.

One Stop ServiceWe have been customizing one-stop service for each customer through a network of various shipping companies, transport companies, warehouses, and customs companies.